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Born to sprint and built to tour, the Dominar 400 has arrived finally in the Philippines. Ever since its launch in India, the riding community here in our country had been anticipating for this model. And now, it’s here and ready to give the riders the experience to their most thrilling adventures.

This sports-touring bike is macho, adventurous, and dominating. It was born to sprint and built to tour. The newest machine that has arrived in our country that is perfect for the entry-level big biker market.
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For more information about the Dominar 400, you may visit: https://www.globalbajaj.com/philippines/english/

4-valve, fuel injected, 373cc, DTS-i engine

With its 4-valve, fuel injected, liquid-cooled, 373cc, DTS-i engine, the Dominar 400 will surely make you dominate each and every road you will take. This is an absolute joy to ride due to highly optimized power & torque output suited for high speed driving with optimum cooling effiency.

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Dual-Spring Mono Suspension

Nested centrally under the seat, the Dual-Spring Mono Suspension turns every long ride into a favorite adventure.

Anti-Lock Braking System

The twin channel Anti-Lock Braking System gives you all the confidence you need to dominate every street the low-profile.

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Split Reverse LCD Display

Accessorised brilliantly with a split reverse LCD display, its riding experience is as unique and stylish as can be. The Dominar 400 is fully equipped with fault safety indications, clock, service reminder, and trip meter with digital fuel gauge.

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